Flying With Medical Equipment: Tips To Get Through Screening


When you require medical equipment to help treat a medical condition, you can face some special challenges when traveling. It is possible for the equipment to set off metal detectors and lead to a delay in getting through security checkpoints. If you are planning to travel by airplane in the future, you need to prepare ahead of time for the possibility that your equipment trips the metal detector.  What Type of Equipment Can Trigger an Alert?

2 July 2015

Back To Work: 5 Jobs Senior Citizens May Want To Consider After Retirement


A recent survey suggests that roughly 60 percent of age 60-plus retirees look for a new form of employment once they leave their current company. This is proof that older Americans and senior citizens do not simply look to quit the workforce altogether once they reach retirement age. In fact, many seniors likely want to find something new and less-demanding that they can fully enjoy rather than staying in a dead-end job that they hate.

30 June 2015

Three Ways To Say "Thanks" To A Health Aide For Looking After Your Parent


It's a load off your shoulders to know that your elderly parent is receiving top-notch care from a home health aide. And, while you might not be around enough to thank the person for providing such dedicated care day after day, you can show your appreciation in different ways. Many home health care agencies allow their employees to accept tips and gifts from families, and doing so allows you to show just how much you're thankful for the care your family member is receiving.

29 June 2015