How To Handle Resistance To In-Home Care From Your Loved One


It can be challenging for senior citizens to accept help, even when they truly need it. They believe it means they have to give up their independence and accept that they are entering a new phase in life. Even if you are coming from a place of concern, it is possible your senior loved one may not initially respond well to the idea of having an in-home care service visit them.

20 May 2022

Unique Benefits Of Home Health Care


Are you recovering from a significant illness, injury, or surgery? You have the option of healing at a health care facility or at home. People who choose home health care services find it convenient, affordable, and reliable. This article looks at the not-so-obvious benefits of home health care services.  Reduced Risk of Re-Hospitalization  There is always the risk of hospital readmission upon being discharged. For instance, your surgery wound may worsen, or you can suffer a fall injury.

11 January 2022